The Real L Word Is Back In This Cambell’s Soup Commercial



Attention lesbians! Attention Real L Word Fans! Attention World! Okay, maybe I’m over dramatizing this a teeny tiny bit but when Rebekah and I saw this Cambell’s Soup Commercial with Real L Word reality stars, Jill and Nikki Weiss-Goldstein (Yes, they are officially married, hence the hyphenated name) we FLIPPED OUR SHIT! Here’s why:

Cambell’s Soup Is a Family Brand

Cambell’s soup usually sticks with all American, all white, all straight families and we all know that’s unrealistic. So we were happy to see they chose a lesbian couple (especially this lesbian couple) to represent that brand.

Rebekah Ran Into Nikki In Sephora 

Was she just as intense as suspected? Absolutely. Was it amazing? Yes.

Lesbians Should Be In Every Commercial

They’re sexy, caring, maternal and paternal and amazing. Please give us more lesbian commercials!

We Miss The Real L Word

Please bring it back but put it on Netflix because we don’t have Showtime.

Watch the video here:


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