About Lezbihonest

Like many, we started with a simple idea and a Kickstarter. 

The Idea
To create a safe space on the internet for all LGBTQIA people to connect, access news and information, laugh, vent or just simply be together. 

The Execution
We created a Kickstarter page to raise the money to create our website. Our incredibly generous and supportive friends and family contributed to the cause until our Kickstarter was fully funded. We used their donations to purchase the equipment to create a video podcast with the hope of bringing a smile to the faces of any LGBTQIA people watching. 

What’s Next
We took a hiatus from the video podcast, but the recent events in American politics and society got under our skin. Really under our skin. So we’re back and ready to continue what we feel is an important cause – to keep this space alive & kickin!